Audition Notice : Things I Know To Be True

by Andrew Bovell

22nd October 2019

Director: Carol Wimmer
Stage Manager: Donna Sim
Set Design: Steve Wimmer

Audition Information

Where: The Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill Showground (off Showground Road)
When: Tuesday 22nd October 2019. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8.00pm start.
Format: This will be an open audition.
Please prepare a one minute monologue from your favourite Australian play OR tell us a funny story about your family!

Following this we shall work on extracts from the script.

Performance Run: 23rd MARCH to 22nd APRIL 2017 including two previews.
Please note this includes the April school holidays and the Easter break, except for Good Friday (10th April)

Rehearsals: There will be a reading in November, some individual character work and two readings/discussions in December, then twice weekly rehearsals, usually on Mondays and Thursdays from 2nd January.

Background: This beautifully crafted family drama written by one of Australia’s most perceptive playwrights (The Secret River, When the Rain Stops Falling, Strictly Ballroom – screenplay) is set in the garden of a home in suburban Adelaide. Written in 2016, it has played in Adelaide, London (a four-month run to full houses), the USA, Germany and had its very first Sydney production at Belvoir St in July this year.

Theme: Fran and Bob Price love their adult kids dearly. Their kids love them just as much. But things are not always what they seem … and sometimes that comes as a shock, not just to Fran and Bob! How the family deals with the changes life brings shows the strength of their love


Bob Price Aged about 63, Bob is a retrenched factory worker. He’s taken his retrenchment fairly well, concentrating his energy on the garden and looking after his grandchildren after school. Bob is relatively easy-going, with a wry sense of humour. He has worked hard to give his kids the opportunities he feels he didn’t have.

Fran Price Aged about 57, Fran is a registered nurse who works different shifts at the local hospital. She is a busy person who has always multi-tasked, balancing her job, the family and their finances adeptly. She hides her own emotions well but is remarkably perceptive about the feelings of others.

Pippa Their daughter, aged 34, has been promoted from the classroom to Curriculum Development with the Dept of Education. She is married with two school-aged daughters. She has felt the ‘brunt’ of being the eldest child.

Mark Their son, aged 32, is an Information Technology specialist. He’s kind, caring but has been keeping a secret from the family that he knows will cause heartache.

Ben Their second son, aged 28, works in Finance. He is smart, easy going, persuasive, ambitious – and still brings his shirts home for Fran to wash!

Rosie Their youngest child, aged 19, is still deciding what she wants to do after a ‘gap year’ trip to Europe. The age gap between the children means that Rosie looks up to the others and they feel protective of her – as do her parents.

Please ring or email me for a copy of the script and READ it before the audition so you ‘get to know’ the family and understand the dynamics. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Carol Wimmer: 0412 386 943

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