Fiddler on the Roof

Book by Jospeh Stein.  Music by Jerry Bock.  Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick.  Rockdale Musical Society.  Rockdale Town Hall.  March 2 – 11, 2018.

Photos: Rod Herbert

The characters of Fiddler on the Roof remind the world of the effects of oppression in one of the most effective ways possible – through theatre and music. Though set in the mythical, 19th century town of Anatevka, the effects of change and discrimination faced by that small community are not too far away from the changing and troubled places in the world today.

Director and designer Colin Peet – with assistance from his brother Bob – gives his production the faithful attention that this gem of musical theatre demands. The costumes carefully recreate the historical, traditional and economic background of the time. The accents and gestures recreate the distinctiveness of a small Jewish community immersed in its beliefs and traditions. The blocking and choreography reinforce the authenticity of the period – and Jerome Robbins’ well-loved original conceptual vision.

This is a musical that requires believable acting as well as fine singing, and this cast assures both.

With a talented cast – and over twenty musicians led by Peter Sampson – Peet brings Tevye, his family and the community of Anatevka to convincing life in a production that finds both the humour and pathos of the drama – and the power and beauty of the music. This is a musical that requires believable acting as well as fine singing, and this cast assures both.

Adam Scicluna recreates the role of Tevye with a clarity and strength that finds all the devout and social dimensions of this character so well-written by Joseph Stern and so accurately translated into song by Bock and Harnick.

Photo: Rod Herbert

Scicluna has a strong and commanding stage presence and the vocal range that’s needed to take Tevye through a complexity of notes and emotions. This role is a tour de force in musical theatre, and one too often compared with its original creator, but Scicluna’s portrayal is singularly perceptive and totally his own.

hopefully this production of Fiddler will play to large and appreciative audiences.

As Golde, Charmaine Gibbs brings similar musical and theatrical experience to the production. Her Golde is feisty, strong but caring and protective of her daughters and the values she holds dear. Gibbs’ voice adds intensity and power to the role, especially in the duets with Scicluna. Sunrise, Sunset is a highlight of this production,

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