Le Corsaire

Victorian State Ballet. The Concourse, Chatswood. March 17 and 18, 2018

Photo : Ron Fung

Le Corsaire – or A Pirate’s Tale – is a ballet in three acts based on a poem by Lord Byron. The story is short and simple. Shipwrecked pirates Conrad and Birbanto, and a slave, Ali, are found on the shore by Medora and Gulnare. Conrad falls in love with Medora, Ali with Gulnare. Unfortunately the maidens are captured by Lankendam, a slave trader, and sold to a Turkish Pasha for his harem. The pirates search for the maidens and eventually rescue them despite betrayal by Birbanto. Medora, Conrad, Gulnare and Ali escape by sea but a storm erupts and only Medora and Conrad survive.

Rather than for the depth of its story, the ballet is famous for the beauty of the dancing. First presented in 1856 to the music of Adolphe Adam, with original choreography by Joseph Mazilier, and later Marius Petipa, the ballet has become famous because so many excerpts of the choreography are presented at galas and concerts around the world.

Over the years composers Cesare Pugni, Leo Delies, Ricardo Drigo and Prince Oldenburg added to the breadth and depth of the music – and this presentation by Victorian State Ballet celebrates the Australian premiere of the full version of the ballet.

Choreographer (and Co-Director of the company) Michelle Cassar de Sierra has been true to the original choreography, whilst also “bringing something fresh and new, reflecting today’s classical ballet standards”. The famous Grand Pas de Trois and the Odalisques Pas de Trois she sees as “timeless” and are presented in their original form. The bazaar, pirate and slave scenes have been re-choreographed to empahasise the work and talent of the corps de ballet.

In so doing, De Sierra has created a stunningly beautiful performance that highlights the skill and training of the dancers – and her esteem for the ballet itself. Not only has she accentuated the beauty of the traditional choreography, . . .

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