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Ulster American17 May, 2024Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Misery Loves Company12 May, 2024Legit Theatre Company]Review
Wil Anderson - "Wilegitimate"10 May, 2024The Concorse, ChatswoodNot Reviewed
None of Us9 May, 2024Riverside Theatres, Parammata [DUTI Dance Company, FORM Dance]Review
Switzerland7 May, 2024Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Asylum5 May, 2024The Hellenic Art Theatre, MarrickvilleReview
Fourteen3 May, 2024Riversidef Theatre, Parramatta [Shake and Stir Theatre Co and QPAC]Review
The 13th Month1 May, 2024Flight Path Theatre [Peg on a Line and Wildefang Productions]Review
The Front Page28 April, 2024The New Theatre, SydneyReview
Mary Stuart19 April, 2024Henry Lawson Sports Club [Henry Lawson Theatre]Review
Wild Dogs Under My Skirt18 April, 2024Riverside Theatres, ParramattaReview
The Rocky Horrow Show3 April, 2024Rocky Horror CompanyReview
Strangers on a Train24 March, 2024Genesian Theatre CompanyReview
The Great Divide16 March, 2024Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Boeing Boeing9 March, 2024Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]Review
Sydney Symphony Orchestra 2024 Opening Gala - Mahla28 February, 2024Concert Hall, Sydney Opera HouseReview
The Spooky Men's Chorale17 February, 2024Independant Theatre, North SydneyReview
Bernadette Robinson - Divas15 February, 2024Riverside Theatres, ParramattaReview
Tiny Beautiful Things4 February, 2024Belvoir Street TheatreReview
Meg Washington (with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra)3 February, 2024Sydney Town HallReview
In The Heights2 February, 2024The Concorse, Chatswood [PACA Productions.]Review
Alone It stands31 January, 2024Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
David Campbell : Good Lovin'27 January, 2024The Art House, Wyong NSWNot REviewed
Tiddas17 January, 2024Belvoiur Street Theatre, SydneyReview
Love Letters14 January, 2024Genesian Theatre, SydneyRevciew
The Lonesome West13 January, 2024Old Fitz Theatre, Sydney [Phenomenological Theatre]Review
Sophia=(Wisdom): The Cliffs11 January, 2024New Theatre, SydneyReview
Smashed7 January, 2024The Wharf Theatre [Sydney Theatre Company] - Sydney FestivalReview
Bananaland4 January, 2024Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [Sydney Festival]Review
Carols At The House15 December, 2023Sydney Opera House (Sydney Philharmonic Choirs)Review
Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall7 December, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Rhys & Joel's Family Christmas1 December, 2023Enmore Theatre, SydneyReview
Rinaldo30 November, 2023City Recital Centre [Pinchgut Opera]Review
Appleton Ladies Potato Race26 November, 2023Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]Review
The Balled of Maria Martin19 November, 2023The New Theatre, SydneyReview
Titanic - The Diamond of Dreams18 November, 2023Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players]Review
David Campbell17 November, 2023Riverside Theatres, ParramattaReview
Das Rheingold16 November, 2023Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Symphony Orchestra]Review
Master & Margeerita15 November, 2023Belvooir Street TheatreReview
The Wharf Review12 November, 2023Seymour Centre [Soft Tread Productions]Review
Lives of EveThe 5 November, 2023KXT on Broadway [White Box Theatre in association with bAKEHOUSE Theatre]Review
Sibyl2 November, 2023Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera HouseReview
Decadence29 October, 2023lleKat Productions]Not Reviewed
You Don't Have To Be Jewish28 October, 2023Pavilion Theatre, Bondi Beach [Bondi Theatre Company]Review
Message In A Bottle26 October, 2023Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK]Review
Memory of Water25 October, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Strictly Ballroom22 October, 2023Blue Mountains Theatre, Springwood [Blue Mountains Musical Societyy]Not Reviewed
Showcase21 October, 2023Riverside Theatres Parramatta [Sydney Comedy Club]Not Reviewed
Girls in Boys' Cars21 October, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Heathers20 October, 2023Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Blackout Theatre}Review
Four Flat Whites in Italy15 October, 2023Genesian Theatre, SydneyReview
Cactuc Flower13 October, 2023Pavilion Theatre Castle Hill [Castle Hill Players Inc]Not Reviewed
The Lion King JR1 October, 2023Richmond School of Arts [Funtasia Showstoppers]Not reviewed
The Importance of Being Ernest 27 September, 2023Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney [Sydney Theatre Company]Not reviewed
Banging Denmark24 September, 2023New TheatreReview
Is There Something Wrong With That Woman22 September, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyIs Review
Human Activity20 September, 2023bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company]Reiew
Glee Concert17 September, 2023Sydney Conservatorium of MusicNot reviewed
The Visitors15 September, 2023The Wharf TheatreReview
Summer of Harold12 September, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Carmina-Burana9 September, 2023Sydney Philharmonia Choirs and Orchestra]Review
The Dismissal - An extremely serious musical comedy8 September, 2023Squabbalogic and Watershed]Review
The Hen House7 September, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [PYT Fairfield and In Wild Company]Review
Will Anderson2 September, 2023Sydney Comedy StoreReview
The Crucible1 September, 2023Henry Lawson TheatreReview
All Rise. Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra and the SSO 31 August, 2023Sydney Opera House [Sydney Symphony Orchestra]Review
Celebrity Theatre Sports27 August, 2023Enmore Theatre, SydneyReview
Southern Stars "Embrace"26 August, 2023WIN Entertainment Centre, WollongongNot reviewed
Reckoning – Te Waiata Paihere Wairua24 August, 2023Riverside Theatres, ParramattaReview
Décadence!19 August, 2023The Evan Room, Panthers Penrith Leagues Club (BelleKat Productions]Review
Pope2Pope18 August, 2023Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]Review
The Weekend10 August, 2023Belvooir Street TheatreReview
Mr Bailey's Minder5 August, 2023Ensemble TheatreReview
Photo : Prudence Upton
Fade2 August, 2023Riverside Theatres, ParramattaReview
Les Misérables30 July, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [Packemin Productions]Review
Black Panther in Concert live to film27 July, 2023Sydney Opera House [Sydney Symphony Orchestra]Review
Sydney Comedy Club22 July, 2023Riverside Theatres, ParramattaNot Reviewed
Flaminco Dancers20 July, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
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Off The Record16 July, 2023New TheatreReview
Photo : Bob Seary
The Barber of Saville14 July, 2023Riverside Theatre [Opera Australia (on tour)]Not Reviewed
Wolfgang's Magical Musical Circus10 July, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [Circa]Review
All Sorts8 July, 2023Henry Lawson TheatreReview
Skyduck : A Chinese Spyu Comedy30 June, 2023Riverside TheatresReview
Dumb Kids28 June, 2023KXT/Broadway [Legit Theatre Company]Review
Benefactors24 June, 2023Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Spinifex Gum & Sydney Symphony21 June, 2023Concert Hall, Sydney Opera HouseReview
The Mousetrap21 June, 2023Riverside TheatresNot Reviewed
Aida19 June, 2023Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House [The Australian Opera]Review
Rabbits on a Red Planet8 June, 2023Flight Path TheatreReview
Snapshots17 June, 2023Miner's Lamp Theatre, Corrimal [Aracadians Theate Group]Review
When Dad Married Fury16 June, 2023Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]Review
Black Sun/Blood Moon7 June, 2023
Riverside Theatre [Critical Stages Touring]Review
Stories From The Violins of Hope4 June, 2023Bondi Pavilion Theatre [Moira Blumenthal Productions]Review
Rolling Thunder Vietnam3 June, 2023State Theatre, Sydney [Blake Entertainment]Not Reviewed
The Hounds of the Baskervilles2 June, 2023Genesian TheatreReview
The Hunchback of Notre Dame26 May, 2023Pioneer Theatre [Blackout Theatre Company]Review

That's What She Said
22 May, 2023KXT Broadway [Crisscross Productions]Review
Suddenly Last Summer19 May, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
The Sound of Music12 May, 2023The Concorse, Chatswood [Willoughby Theatre Company]Review
Broadway Hits6 May, 2023Concert Hall & Forecourt, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]Review
Value for Money4 May, 2023Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [GUTS Dance, Central Australia]Review
The Disappearance3 May, 2023The New TheatreReview
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Blithe Spirit23 April, 2023Theatre on Chester Review
Elgar's Cello Concerto21 April, 2023Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Symphony Orchestra]Review
The Snow Queen14 April, 2023The Concorse, Chatswood [Victorian Ballet]Review
Samson8 April, 2023Concert Theatrre, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]Review
Julia5 April, 2023Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Cherry Smoke30 March, 2023KXT On BroadwayReview
Photo : Abraham de Souza
One Man Two Governors26 March, 2023New Theatre, SydneyReview
Photo : Clare Hawley
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever22 March, 2023Independent Music TheatreReview
Photo : David Hooley
The Dog Legs17 March, 2023Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]The Preview
Rhinestone Rex & Miss Monica15 March, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Collapible12 March, 2023Old Fitz Hotel, Sydney [Red Line Productions]Review
Choir Boy18 February, 2023National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Matador17 February, 2023Riverside Theatre [Bass Fam Creative]Review
Blessed Union16 February, 2023Belvoir Street Theatre, SydneyReview
Jumper for Goalposts12 February, 2023New Theatre, SydneyReview
The Mirror11 February, 2023Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera HouseReview
Cruel Intentions3 February, 2023Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [David Venn Enterprises]Review
A Broadcast Coup2 February, 2023Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Chef28 January, 2023KXT Kings Cross Hotel. [Virginia Plain with KXT bAKEHOUSE.]Review
Blue19 January, 2023Belvoir Street Theatre, Upstairs (Sydney)Review
Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream18 January, 2023Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [Black Ink Theatre Company NZ & Sydney Festival. ]Review
La Boheme12 January, 2023Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Opera Australia]Review
Hide The Dog6 January, 2023Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Performing Lines TAS/ Sydney Festival]Review
Velvet Rewind22 December, 2022The Studio, Sydney Opera House Review
Madagascar The Musical18 December, 2022Sydney Coliseum Theatre [GMG Productions]Review
Midsummer Night's Dream17 December, 2022Bella Vista Farm, Sydney [Sport For Jove Summer Season]Review
Boxing Day BBQ9 December, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Handel's Messiah8 December, 2022Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs}.Review
A Christmas Carol4 December, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyShort comment
Creating the Magic - The 2022 Schools Spectacular25 November, 2022QDOS Arena, Sydney Olympic Park [NSW Department of School Education]Review
The Dazzle29 November, 2022Meraki Arts Bar [Corvus Arts Theatre]Review
The Wharf Review : Looking for Albanese17 November, 2022Seymour Centre, SydneyReview
Secret Bridesmaid's Business13 November, 2022Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatre]Review
Come from Away (2nd time around)10 November, 2022Theatre Royal, SydneyReview
Glorious Puccini29 October, 2022Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]Review
A Practical Guide To Self Defence20 October, 2022Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
The Caretaker19 October, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyReview
Bat Lake13 October, 2022Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
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Legally Blond1 October, 2022Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Blackout Theatrre Company]Review
Australia Day18 September, 2022Club Ryde [Hunters Hill Theatrre]Review
Kinky Boots17 September, 2022Riverside Theatre [Packemin Productions]Not Reviewed
Photograph 5110 September, 2022Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Nothing3 September, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Jane Eyre31 August, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [shake & stir theatre company]Review
Improv Comedy29 August, 2022Factory Theatre, Marrickville. Review
The Phantom Of The Opera - The New Production26 August, 2022Joan Sutherland Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Opera Australia and The Really Useful Company]Review
Celebrity Theatre Sports21 August, 2022Enmore Theatre [Impro Australia]Review
Constellations19 August, 222The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s, (Sydney) [Lane Cove Theatre Comoany]Review
How To Defend Yourself13 August, 2022Old Fitz Hotel, Sydney [Outhouse Theatre and Red Line Productions]Review
Let's Dance11 August, 2022Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
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Moulin Rouge10 AugustCapitol Theatre, SydneyPreviously reviewed
Improv Comedy Cagefight8 August, 2022Downstairs, Chippendale Hotel, SydneyReview
To Kill A Mockingbird5 August, 2022Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players]Review
The One30 July, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyNot reviewed
Albion29 July, 2022ReviewAlbion
Sydney International Ballet16 JULY, 2022Review
Ugly Love15 July, 2022Review
Top Coat30 June, 2022The Wharf Theatre (Sydney)[Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Thai-riffic28 June, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [An FEM Presents production]Review
Reunion Day (A Play Revived)26 June, 2022Australian Film, Television & Radio School, SydneyReview
M.Rock24 June, 2022Rebel Theatre, Sydney [ATYP]Review
Her Brilliant Career19 June, 2022NSW State Library [Moira Blumenthal Productions]Not Reviewed
A Doll's House18 June, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyNot Reviewed
Female of the Species17 June, 2022Ryde Club (Sydney) [Hunters Hill TheatreReview
Weapons of Rhetoric Bach Concerts11 June, 2022Conservatorium of Music (Sydney)[Bach Akademie Australia]Review
Terrain - Bangara10 June, 2022Sydney Opera House [Bangara Dance Company]Review
Moulin Rouge3 June, 2022Capitol Theatre, Sydney [Gerry & Val Ryan and Global Creatures]Review
Galileo2 June, 2022Riverside Theatres, ParamattaReview
A Letter for Molly28 May, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyNot Reviewed
Before The Meeting25 May, 2022Syymour Centre, Sydney [White Box Theatre]Review
Theatresports All Stars (2022)22 May, 2022Enmore Theatre, Sydney [Impro Australia]Review
Cloudstreet20 May, 2022Glenbrook Cinema [Glenbrook Theatre Group]Review
Become The One19 May, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [Lab Kelpie production]Review
Violet14 May, 2022The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s [Lane Cove Theatre Company]Review
Chicago13 May, 2022Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Blackout Theatre]Review
Kunstkamer7 May, 2022Sydney Opera House [Australian Ballet]Not Reviewed
Still Unqualified7 May, 2022Ensemble Theatre, SydneyNot Reviewed
"Wilogical" - Wil Anderson6 May, 2022Enmore Theatre, SydneyNot reviewed
Double Beat5 May, 2022Riverside Theatres, Parramatta
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Richmond Players Variety Night30 April, 2022Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players]Not Reviewed
Things I Know To Be True23 April, 2022Theatre on ChesterReview
Leap22 April, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [Neil Gooding Productions][Packemin Productions]Review
Circa20 April, 2022Theatre Royal, Sydney [Circa Contemporary Circus]Review
Cinderella10 April, 2022The Concorse, Chatswood [Victorian State Ballet Company]Review
Nearer The Gods9 April, 2022Ensemble TheatrePhoto
Breaking The Castle8 April, 2022Riverside Theatre [Street Theatre, ACT]Review
Orange Thrower30 March, 2022Riverside Theatre, Parramatta [National Theatre of Parammata + Griffin Theatre Company]Review
Blood On The Wattle26 March, 2022Richard Wherrett Studio, Roslyn Packer Theatre [Playscript]Review
The Phantom Of The Opera25 March, 2022Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour [Australian Opera]Review
Lady Windermere's Fan19 March, 2022Genesian Theatre, SydneyReview
North By Northwest16 March, 2022Sydney Lyric Theatre [Liz McLean & Andrrew Kay]Review
Freud's Last Season10 March, 2022Riverside Theatre [Clock and Spiel Productions]Review
Guards At The Raj26 February, 2022Riverside Theatre [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Otello19 February, 2022Sydney Opera House [Australian Opera]Review
A Chorus Line16 February, 2022Sydney Opera House (Darlinghurst Theatre Company)Review
Breaking The Code12 February, 2022New TheatreReview
Mamma Mia!11 February, 2022Riverside Theatres Parramatta [Packemin Productions]Review
Killing Kate : Confessions of a Book Cub18 January, 2022Ensemble TheatreReview
The Construct22 January, 2022Church Street, Parramatta [aXis Ensemble and Circus Monoxide] - Sydney FestivalReview
Andante Ma Non Troppo
(Move Forward but in a Slow Way)
12 December, 2021Sydney Jewish MuseumReview
Death of a Salesman8 December, 2021Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
The Wharf Review : Can of Worms25 November, 2021Seymour CentreReview
The Lovely Bones24 November, 2021The New Theatre, SydneyReview
Julius Caesar19 November, 2021Wharf Theatre [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Three Winters Green11 November, 2021Fringe HQ, Newtown [Lambert House Enterprises]Review
Double Trouble - Mozart & Bach at play20 June, 2021Customs House, Sydney [Endangered Productions]Review
The Obbligato Sonatas18 June, 2021St James Church, Sydney [Bach Akademie Australia]Review
Grand Horizons11 June, 2021Roslyn Packer Theatre [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Come From Away10 June, 2021Capitol Theatre, Sydney [Junkyard Productions & Rodney Rigby Production]Review
Significant Other2 June, 2021New Theatre, NewtownReview
Zombie Thoughts29 May, 2021Riverside Theatres [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
The Little Prince27 May, 2021Sydney Opera House [Sydney Opera House in association with Broadway Entertainment Group.]Review
7 Stages of Grieving25 May, 2021The Wharf Theatre [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
"Viva Bob Vegas" with Bob Downe22 May, 2021Paddingon RSLNot Reviewed
Orson's Shadow21 May, 2021Glenbrook Cinema [Glenbrook Community Theatre]Review
Hyperdream16 May, 2021Old Fitz Theatre [Red Line Productions]Review
Passage to India15 May, 2021Genesian TheatreReview
Honour15 May, 2021Ensemble TheatreNot reviewed
Theatre Sports All Stars9 May, 2021Enmore Theatre [ImprovAustralia]Review
Beautifu;l - The Carol King Musical7 May, 2021Pioneer Theatre Castle Hill [Blackout Theatre Company]Review
Good With Maps30 April, 2021Parramatta Riverside Theatres [Siren Theatre Company]Review
Claudel29 April, 2021Sydney Opera House [Pascal Productions & Tinderbox Productions]Review
In Duty Bound25 April, 2021Theatre On Chester, EppingReview
Lights In The Park21 April, 2021The Joan [ATYP & Q Theatre]Review
The Little Mermaid11 April, 2021The Concourse, Chatswood [Victorian State Ballett]Review
Always a Bridesmaid5 April, 2021Pavilion Theatre [Castle Hill Players]Reviewed
Choir of Man28 March 2021Sydney Opera HouseNot Reviewed
La Traviata26 March 2021Sydney Harbour {Australian Opera]Review
Outdated20 March 2021Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Let Me Know When You Get Home19 March 2021Riverside Theatre {National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
The Sorry Mum Project19 March 2021Riverside Theatre {National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Fag/Stag19 February, 2021El Rocco Theatre [La,bert House Enterprises and Mardi Gras Festival]Review
Beautiful Minds6 March 2021New TheatreReview
We Will Rock You12 February 2021Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [Packemin Productions]Review
The Last Five Years11 February 2021Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Mitchell Old Company]Review
Kenny20 January 2021Ensemble TheatreReview
William Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (Abridged)16 January 2021Genesian TheatreReview
The Shape of Things10 January 2021Flight Path Theatre [Lambert House Enterprises]Review
The Wharf Revue 2020: Good Night and Good Luck28 November 2020Riverside Theatres Parramatta [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Iphigenia in Splott14 November 2020Flight Path Theatre [New Ghosts Theatre Company].Review
The Silver Tunnel11 November 2020Ashfield Uniting Church [Rev Bill Crews Foundation.]Review
An Enchanted Evening17 October 2020Riverside Theatres (streamed)Review
The Merchant of Venice23 August 2020Virtyal [Streamed Shakespear company]Review
Selby & Friends present Beethoven’s Ghost4 July 2020VirtualReview
Selby and Friends at Home2 May, 2020VirtualReview
Les Miserables14 February 2020Riverside Theatres Parramatta [Packemin Productions]Reviewed
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged7 February 2020The Performance Space @ St Aidan's [Lane Cove Theatre Company]Not Reviewed
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde27 January 2020Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill [Castle Hill Players]Review
The Lady Killers18 January 2020Genesian TheatreReview
Lady Tabouli11 January 2020Riverside Theatre Parramatta [National Theatre of Parramatta and Sydney Festival. ]Review
Betty Blokk-Buster Reimagined10 January 2020Sydney Festival. Magic Mirrors SpiegeltentReviewed
La Bohème2 January 2020Joan Sutherland Theatrew, Sydney Opera House [Opera Australia]Review
The Odd Couple29 December 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Cirque-Stratosphere26 December 2019Sydney Opera House [The Works Entertainment]Review
Handel's Messiah13 December 2019Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]">Review
David Campbell and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra12 December 2019Coliseum Theatre, SydneyReview
The Cranston Cup - Theatresports8 December 2019Enmore Theatre, Sydney [Impro Australia]Review
Krapp's Last Tape29 November 2019Old Fitz Theatre [Red Line Productions]Review
Coram Boy28 November 2019Kings Cross Theatre [bAKEHOUSE Theatre]Review
Seraphim Trio and Martin Alexander24 November 2019Independant Theatre, North Sydney [ANAM Artists]Review
Nell Gwynn11 November 2019Pavilion Theatre Castle Hill [Castle Hill Players Inc]Review
Choir of Man10 November 2019Sydney Opera HouseReview
Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum9 November 2019Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players Inc]Review
Doubt1 November 2019Theatre on ChesterReview
Fully Committed31 October 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Baby Doll27 October 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
White Pearl26 October 2019Riverside Theatres [National Theatre of Parramatta & Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Il Viaggio a Requis24 October 2019Sydney Opera House [Australia Opera]Review
A Chorus Line19 October 2019Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Blackout Theatre]Review
Billy Elliott18 October 2019Sydney LyricReview
My Best Dead Friend11 October 2019Riverside Theatre [Zanetti Productions.]Review
Cirque du Soleil Kurios – Cabinet of Curiosities

2 October 2019Entertainment QuarterReview
Echoes of the Picture Palace29 September 2019The Independent Theatre [Nick Russoniello and The Golden Age Quartet]Review
In a Nutshell28 September 2019The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s [Lane Cove Theatre Company]Review
Kris Kristofferson27 September 2019State Theatre, SydneyNot Reviewed
The Last Wife22 September 2019The Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
The Diary of Anne Frank20 September 2019Pavilion Theatre [Castle Hill Players]Review
Bathory Begins19 September 2019The Joan [Q Theatre & NYPT]Not Reviewed
The Wharf Review18 September 2019Riverside Theatres [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
A Night's Game5 September 2019Riverside Theatres [FORM Dance Projects]Review
Fire's On - The Streeton Trio25 August 2019The Independent Theatre, Prelude in Tea programReview
A Deal24 August 2019Chippen Street Theatre (USU & Flying House Assembly)Reviewed
West Side Story20 August 2019Sydney Opera HouseReviewed
New Constilations - ARCO Recital18 August 2019City Recital Hall (Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra. )Reviewed
Billoxi Blues14 August 2019Pavilion Theatre (Castle Hill Players)Reviewed
A View From the Bridge11 August 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Jeeves & Wooster in Perfect Nonsense10 August 2019Richmond School of Arts (Richmond Players Inc)Review
The Table30 July 2019Seymour Centre [White Box]Review
Sound of Music26 July 2019Riverstone High SchoolNot Reviewed
Biloxi Blues22 July 2019Pavilion Theatre [Castle Hill Players]Review
The Real Inspector Hound19 July 2019Theatre on ChesterReview
Jack and the Beanstalk12 July 2019State Theatre [Bonnie Lythgoe Productions]Review
ZIRK! Circus6 Juyly 2019Entertainment Quarter [[Theatre Toursa International Pty Ltd]Review
Persuasion5 July 2019Genesian TheatreReview
Things I Know to be True4 July 2019Belvoir St TheatreNot Reviewed
Anna Bolena2 July 2019Sydney Opera House [Opera Australia]Reviewed
Murder on the Wireless30 June 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
The Girl in the Machine25 June 2019Riverside Theatre [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Sweeney Todd – the Demon Barber of Fleet StreetJune 13 2019ICC Sydney Theatre [Life Like Company]Review
CollaboratorsJune 5 2019New TheatreReview
The Spooky Men's ChoraleJune 1 2019Seymour Centre, SydneyReview
WickedMay 24 2019Rouse Hill Anglican College (NSW)Review
One Man, Two GuvnorsMay 6 2019Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players]Review
Bare - a pop operaMay 11 2019The Performance Space @ St Aidan’s Longueville.[Lane Cove Theatre Company]Review
Theatresports All Stars: Battle of the ChampionsMay 5 2019Enmore TheatreReview
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatMay 5 2019Pioneer Theatre Castle Hill [Blackout Theatre Company]Review
Animal Farm1 May 2019Riverside Theatre [State Theatre Company South Australia]Review
Pygmalion25 April 2019New TheatreReview
Bach and Mozart: In the Imagination of Their Hearts20 April 2019Sydney Opera House [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]Review
JUNK17 April 2019Riverside Theatre [Flying Fruit Fly Circus]Review
Mosquitoes12 April 2019Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
The Last Five Years7 April 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
The Last Appleton Ladies Potato Race7 April 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Dark Voyager5 April 2019Pavilion Theatre, Castle HillReview
Every Brilliant Thing3 April 2019Riverside Theatre [Belvoir St Theatre]Review
Power & Paradise - Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra30 March 2013St Columba Uniting Church, [Woollahra Philharmonic Orchestra]Review
Once in Royal David's City28 March 2013New TheatreReview
Galston Concert - Russion Revelations24 March 2013Galston Uniting ChurchNot Reviewed
Enright on the Night23 March 2013Genesian TheatreReview
The Choir of Man21 March 2013The Studio, Sydney Opera HouseReview
Senior Moments20 March 2019Riverside Theatre [Return Fire Productions]Not Reviewed
Grounded16 March 2019Riverside Theatre [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Annie15 March 2019Cherrybrook Technology High SchoolReview
God's Cowboys Ride Again23 February 2019Petersham Bowling ClubReview
The Caretaker21 February 2019Riverside Theatres, Parammata [Throwing Shade Theatre Company.]Review
The Gentleman Magician15 February 2019Sir Stanford Hotel, SydneyReview
The Moors14 February 2019Seymour Centre [Siren Theatre Co]Review
Bloody Murder13 February 2019Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill [Castle Hill Players Inc]Review
The Spooky Men's Chorale10 February 2019Independent TheatreReview
Female of the Species9 February 2019St Aidan's Anglican Church Longueville [Lane Cove Theatre Company]Review
A Room With a View3 February 2019Genesian Theatre CompanyReview
Love Cycle : Love Chapter 21 February 2019Drama Theatre Sydney Opera House [L.E.V. Dance Company]Review
The Big Time27 January 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Brett and Wendy … A Love Story Bound by Art20 January 2019Riverside Theatre [Kim Carpenter’s Theatre of Image. Sydney Festival.]Reviewed
Counting and Cracking15 January 2018Sydney Town Hall [Belvoir Theatre & Co-Curious]Reviewed
The Norman Trilogy12 January 2019Ensemble TheatreNot Reviewed
Blanc de Blanc Encore10 January 2019The Studio, Sydney Opera House [Strut & Fret]Review
Home9 January 2018Roslyn Packer Theatre, Sydney FestivalReview
Cairo Jim and the Tomb of Martenarten21 December 2018Pioneer Theatre, Castle Hill [Bookcase Productions]Review
The Comedy of Errors2 December 2018Entertainment Quarter [Pop-up Globe Southampton’s Company]
Fireside29 November 2018Studio, Opera House [Midnight Feast]Review
The Climbing Tree22 November 2018Riverside /Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre/ATYP. Review
Yellow Yellow Sometimes Blue15 November 2018The Joan Theatre [Q Theatre]Review
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam20 October 2018Riverside Theatre [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
What the Butler Saw4 October 2018New TheatreReview
The Cellists30 September 2018Independent TheatreReview
The Ghost Train22 September 2018Genesian TheatreReview
Communicating Doors21 September 2018Pavilion Theatre [Castle Hill Players]Review
Luna Gale16 September 2018Ensemble Theatre
The Wharf Review13 September 2018Riverside Theatre [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Circular Keys Concert8 September 2018Hornsby RSL Club
Plenty Serious TALK TALK30 August 2018Riverside Theatre
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The Streeton Trio : Jazz Inspirations26 August 2018Independent TheatreReview
The Widow Unplugged19 August 2018Ensemble Theatre
Madame Butterfly18 August 2018Riverside Theatre Parramatta [Opera Australia]Review
Next to Normal11 August 2018St Aidans Anglican Church Longueville (Lane Cove Theatre Company)Review
The Turk in Italy10 August 2018Sydney Opera House (Opera Australia)Review
Bespoken Word8 August 2018Petersham Bowling Club (Solid Lines Creatives)Review
The Wizard of Oz6 August 2018Richmond High School [Richmond Players Inc)Review
Celebrety Theatresports5 AugustEnmore TheatreReview
Torch Song Trilogy4 August 2018Eternity TheatreReview
Hotel Sorento31 July 2018Review
Galston Concert29 JulyGalston Uniting ChurchReview
The Little Mermaid27 July 2018Riverstone High School
Neighbourhood Watch25 July 2018Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill (Castle Hill Players)
Mr Bailey's Minder11 July 2018Ballarat National Theatre
Sleeping Beauty13 July 2018State Theatre [Bonnie Lythgoe Productions]Review
Acacia Quartet – "4+Viola"8 July 2018Independant Theatre [Acacia Quartet]Review
The Rolling Stone7 July 2018Seymour Centre [Outhouse Theatre Co]Review
Unqualified1 July 2018Ensemble Theatre
Margorie Prime1 July 2018Ensemble Theatre
The Girl The Woman30 June 2018Riverside Theatre [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Dresden22 June 2018Kings Cross Theatre [bAKEHOUSE Theatre]Review
The Hypochondriac13 June 2018Eternity Theatre [Darlinghurst Theatre Company]Review
Assassins12 June 2018Sydney Opera House [Hayes Theatre Company]Review
Met Concert #3 - Serenade9 June 2018The Independant Theatre [The Metropolitan Orchestra]Review
August: Osage County8 June 2018New TheatreReview
Galston Concerts3 June 2018Galston Uniting ChurchReview
The Bushrangers2 June 2018Hawkesbury Regioanl Gallery [Richmond Players]Review
The Winslow Boy28 May, 2018Pavilion Theatre [Castle Hill Players]Review
The Importance of Being Ernest26 May 2018Genesian TheatreReview
Haydn's The Creation26 May 2018Sydney Town Hall [Sydney Philharmonia Choirs]Review
13 - The Musical25 May 2018Model Farms High School Auditorium[The Hills Musical Theatre Company]Preview
Priscilla – Queen of the Desert17 May 2018Capitol Theatre, SydneyReview
Kiss of the Gallery Guard13 May 2018Philharmonia Choirs Hall [Scene Theatre Sydney]Review
Rope12 May 2018Richmond School of Arts [Richmond Players]
Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.4 May, 2018Old 505 Theatre [House of Sand]Review
The Lieutenant of Inishmore27 April, 2018New TheatreReview
198421 April 2018Roo Theatre Company
(Shellharbour Village)
Private Lives20 April 2018Elanora Heights Community Centre [Elanora Players]Review
Josephine Wants to Dance14 April 2018Lendlease Darling Quarter Theatre [Monkey Baa Theatre Company]Review
The Flick7 April 2018Reginald Theatre, Seymour Centre [Outhouse Theatre Company]Review
Mr Bailey's Minder6 April 2018Theatre on ChesterReview
The Children3 April 2018Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House [Sydney Theatre Company]Review
Harvey2 April 2018Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill [Castle Hill Players]Review
Diplomacy25 March 2018Ensemble TheatreReview
La Boheme23 March 2018Sydney Harbour [Australian Opera]Review
Flight Paths21 March 2018Riverside Theatres, Parramatta [National Theatre of Parramatta]Review
Le Corsaire17 March 2018The Concorse, Chatswood [Victorian State Ballet]Review
The Wolves16 March 2018Old Fitz Theatre [Redline Productions]Review
The Shifting Heart10 March 2018Seymour Centre [White Box Theatre]Review
Merrily We Roll Along9 March 2018Depor Theatre, Marrickville [Little Triangle]Review
Fiddler on the Roof2 March 2018Rockdale Town Hall [Rockdale Musical Society]Review
Wildebeest and Valley15 Feb 2018Riverside Theatres Parramatta (FormDance Projects)Review
Visiting Hours8 Feb 2018Kings Cross Theatre [bAKEHOUSE]Review
The Unbelievables21 Dec 2017Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House (The Works Entertainment)Review
The Seagull8 Dec 2017The Depot Theatre (Secret House)Review
Taking Steps2 Dec 2017Ensemble TheatreReview
Schools Spectacular24 Nov 2017Qudos Bank Arena, [NSW Dept of Education]Review
Night Slows Down26 Nov 2017Kings Cross Theatre (baKEHOUSE Theatre Company & Don't Look Away)Review
The Fury of Mungo Fogg25 Nov 2017Richmond School of Arts (Richmond Players)Review
Australia Day18 Nov 2017New TheatreReview
Wanted - One Body!13 Nov 2017Pavilion Theatre, Castle Hill (Castle Hill Players)Review
She Rode Horses Like The Stock Exchange10 Nov 2017Kings Cross HotelReview
Time Stands Still4 Nov 2017Tap Gallery (Eclipse Productions)Review
Godspell3 Nov 2017Model Farms High School
(Hills Musical Society)
The Addams Family20 Oct 2017Dural Soldiers Memorial Hall (Dural Musical Society)Review
The Kitchen Sink22 Oct 2017Ensemble TheatreReview
The Red Tree21 Oct 2017Riverside TheatreReview
No End of Blame14 Oct 2017Seymour CentreReview
What Rhymes with Cars and Girls12 Oct 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Buyer and Cellar11 Oct 2017Ensemble TheatreReview
Calendar Girls6 Oct 2017Pymble PlayersReview
The Wharf Review1 Oct 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Ferrucio Furlanetto in Recital with Igor Tchetuev29 Sept 2017City Recital HallReview
Urban Kali25 Sep 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Ladies in Lavender22 Sep2017Pavilion Theatre, Castle HillReview
Ghosts20 Sep 2017BelvoirReview
The Night Alive16 Sep 2017Old Fitz TheatreReview
The Wharf Review9 Sep 2017Riverside Theatre
A Letter from the General8 Sep 2017Hunters Hill TheatreReview
Glorious5 Sep 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Figaro2 Sep 2017Genesian TheatreReview
Where the Streets Had a Name30 Aug 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Melba - A New Musical17 Aug 2017Hayes TheatreReview
After the Dance11 Aug 2017New TheatreReview
Jaques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris10 August 2017Riverside TheatreReview
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest5 August 2017Seymour CentreReview
The Jungle Book3 August 2017Riverside TheatreReview
Technicolour Life28 July 2017The Depot TheatreReview
Hello Goodby & Happy Birthday22 July 2017Seymour CentreReview
The Women of Lockerby21 July 2017Pavilion Theatre, Hunters HillReview
An Inspector Calls19 July 2017Pymble PlayersReview
Neville's Island15 July 2017Ensemble Theatre
The Plant13 July 2017Ensemble TheatreReview
The Adventures of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell7 July 2017State TheatreReview
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead25 June 2017Cinema presentation of Old Vic production, at Riverside Theatre
Diary of a Wombat19 April 2017Lend Lease Darling Quarter TheatreReview
The Rasputin Affair6 April 2017Ensemble TheatreReview
Two28 March 2017Ensemble Theatre
The Laden Table15 March 2017Kings Cross TheatreReview
Blink21 Feb 2017Kings Cross TheatreReview
The Trouble with Harry18 Feb 2017Seymour CentreReview
Visiting Mr Green15 Feb 2017Pymble PlayersReview
Calendar Girls3 Feb 2017Pavilion Theatre, Castle HillReview
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead28 Jan 2017Rotunda, Balmoral Beach
Odd Man Out15 Jan 2017Ensemble Theatre
Huff24 Jan 2017Seymour CentreReview
King Roger20 Jan 2017Sydney Opera HHow To Defend YourselfouseReview
Ladies in Black15 Jan 2017Lyric Theatre, Sydney
The Season11 Jan 2017Sydney Opera House


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