Technicolour Life

By Jami Brandli. The Depot Theatre, Marrickville. July 26 – Aug 12, 2017

In her commitment to giving voice to female protagonists, playwright Jami Brandli makes “no apologies for writing complicated, big, sometimes messy and often times funny, plays about women”. Far from being messy,Technicolor Life is very cleverly crafted and is yet another play that meets Depot Theatre’s aim to challenge its audiences.

It is very entertaining, despite the fact that it explores a range of thought-provoking themes. Through the eyes of fifteen-year-old Maxine and her family, Brandli’s play covers aspects of love, ambition, war, rape, post traumatic stress, voluntary euthanasia, divorce, remarriage – and the need to stay strong and independent. And it does so without preaching or moralising!

Julie Baz’s direction matches the pace and style of Brandli’s writing with a clear and empathetic vision.

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