David Campbell : Good Lovin’ and More

Riverside Theatre Parramatta; 17 November

Reviewed : 17 November, 2023

Photo : Facebook

David Campbell wowed audiences at Parramatta with his usual unbelievable range and energy. In fact he’s wowed audiences at many venues on this new, much awaited tour.

But coming back to Parramatta was a little different. There is Campbell history at Parramatta! It was on that same big Riverside stage that nineteen-year-old David Campbell appeared in Michael Gow’s Away, playing the iconic role of the young hero Tom, dying with leukemia and trying to explain the need to experience more of life to his girlfriend Meg!

Photo : Facebook

The fact that Campbell cherished that memory enough to share it with his audience is typical of the man’s sincerity and openness. There is no pretension with David Campbell. I met him some years ago – in fact on the day he proposed to Lisa! In Paris! I’ve been to see him nearly every time he has performed in Sydney since. At the State Theatre. At the Capitol. At the Sydney Colosseum. At the Lyric Theatre in an unbelievable stage production of North By North West. And he doesn’t forget if I get a chance to say ‘hello’. Just like he didn’t forget to acknowledge the entrepreneur sitting in the audience who took him to America where he made his mark in cabaret before returning to Australia for shows like Shout! and Les Miserables.

Photo : Facebook

David Campbell is a man of many parts. Television host, radio DJ, cabaret singer, musical theatre singer and dancer, son, friend, husband, proud father. Anyone who doubted the last of that list should have heard him talk about his sons Leo and Billy – or seen him wipe the tears from his eyes after singing “She” about his daughter Betty and the special feelings and responsibilities “when you’re a girl Dad”.

Those tears returned for a moment at the end of the performance when the audience rose for a standing ovation when he sang “Shout!”! It’s as if the man doesn’t realise just how much he is loved!

Come back to Sydney again David Campbell! There are audiences waiting to see you!