Galston Concert : Sydney Symphony Fellows

Galston Uniting Church 2pm  29th July

These wonderful events keep getting better and better! To have thirteen of the most accomplished young musicians in Sydney performing on a balmy July day in the secluded Galston bushland is a treat in itself. To hear these talented artists perform in a space that is so personal and with such fine acoustics is even more special. Add the afternoon sunlght filtering through stained glass to shimmer on a moving bow, or refract off a glowing horn and the whole experience is almost ethereal.

Ok! So I’m waxing eloquent … but I’m just one of a very enthusiastic, tightly packed audience that thrilled to the program these exceptional young musicians selected to perform. Written when the composers themselves – Brahms, Mozart and Schulhoff – were young, the repertoire reflected the joie de vive of youth and energetic optimism – as well as highlighting the beautiful voices of the violin, viola, cello and double bass; flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon; horn and trombone; and a range of percussion instruments … and the skill of those who played them.

Brahms Serenade No 1 in D major brought the strings and the woodwinds together in a variation of motifs that demonstrated not only the expertise of the performers but the empathy that is so intrinsic to chamber performances.

The second half of the program began with Mozart’s Oboe Quartet in F Major, where the lilting voice of the oboe spoke hauntingly to the undertones of the strings. A change of pace and style followed for the finale – Erwin Schulhoff’s Suite (1921) – a rousing arrangement of six movements based on the different characteristics of jazz.

What a wonderful and diverse program these musicians compiled! The variety meant they could show the range of the instruments they play so expertly and the amazing collaboration that comes from working together with so much passion and understanding.

It is easy to see why The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has gathered them into its fold.

The popularity of these Concerts grows each year … for obvious reasons! It’s becoming imperative to book. Find out more by contacting the Galston Concerts Management Team through: 0428 248 384 or 0425 339 841