Improv Comedy Cagefight

Director David Crisante. Downstairs Chippendale Hotel. Monday nights until 28 August, 2022

Reviewed : 8 August, 2022*

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Downstairs at The Chippo it’s a bit dark, but there’s a great vibe! And there are lots of people … mainly young  … except for one. That’s me! Why is this aged reviewer sitting among a crowd of energetic young actors on a cold winter night?  Because she loves improvisation!  Because she’s thrilled to learn about another impro venue in Sydney! Because she’s keen to see just what these young actors can do! And she isn’t disappointed.

The vibe mentioned before is infectious, fired by the enthusiasm and vitality of the teams waiting to perform and the expectation of their supporters. David Crisante’s novel improvisation competition has inspired a new wave of impro performers and followers – and  if each Monday night has been/is as fast-moving at this, he’s certainly come up with a winning idea.

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Mixing sketch comedy and improvisation games, Crisante’s program gives 36 Improv teams  the opportunity to “strut their stuff” in six Monday competitions. The winners of each week will compete in the Grand Final on Monday 29th August – for a prize of $2000! Fancythat! Impro actors getting paid!

Each Monday six teams are each given 12 minutes to entertain … and impress the audience with their Impro skills: quick thinking, spontaneity, confidence, changing characters, confidence and trust in each other. With names ranging from Scary Strangers to Three Swissketeers to Slay to Eyebrow Maitenance, the teams use a range of places, situations and emotions suggested by the audience to develop a cast of rare and random characters in equally rare and far-fetched scenarios.

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Everyone has fun – performers and audience alike. It’s what impro is all about. Everyone supports everyone else, inside each team, between teams, between teams and the audience. No one fails. If, in his case, there’s a prize at the end, it’s an extra bonus.

Crisante is also providing classes in comedy before the show each Monday – and classes in communication on Thursday evenings. It’s all about skill building, developing creative thinking and confidence. David Crisante is passionate about this project. He is organiser, teacher, director, stage crew, lighting operator and encourager extraordinaire. His success is evident in the number of impro aficionados he attracts, the interest he inspires in his classes – and the audiences that fill the little space under the Chippo. See for yourself!

For more information – or to book tickets for Monday night performances try @improvcomedycagefight |

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* Heat 3.